20 cool horse names for male and and female – find inspiration!

find cool horse names for male and female

New horse owners are now spoiled for choice. What should the horse be called? Or where can I get ideas for cool horse names for female and male? We can’t help you with the first question. You have to decide for yourself. But we can help with the second question and, hopefully answer it completely. At least that’s the goal of this post.


What makes cool horse names?

Before we start looking for ideas, we have to be clear about what cool horse names are. Of course, it differs from person to person which names you find cool. But mostly similarities can be found which names most find cool. It is also noticeable that these are mostly names that not every second horse has. So above all we want to find extraordinary names. Therefore, here are some topics and suggestions that can provide you with inspiration.


Historical personalities as inspiration

These can be the names of famous people from the history of your country or around the world. In addition to famous generals, kings, emperors, politicians, inventors and scientists or composers and musicians. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for example, gives us three cool names for your horse.

  • Beethoven – after the composer
  • Obama – after the American President
  • Lilienthal – after the aviation pioneer
  • Caesar – after the Roman emperor
  • Archimedes – after the Greek mathematician


Inspiration based on ancient gods

The names of gods from ancient cultures can also provide cool horse names for male and female. Think especially of the ancient Roman and Greek gods. The Nordic gods can also give you some great ideas. Here are a few examples:

  • Jupiter – supreme Roman god
  • Hermes – Greek god of travel
  • Nanna – north. Moon goddess
  • Vulcanus – Roman god of the volcanoes
  • Poseidon – Greek god of the seas
  • Freya – north. Goddess of love
  • Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom
  • Apollon – Greek god of light
  • Heimdall – north. Guardian god


Things from life as an idea

Names that you regularly stumble upon in everyday life can also make cool horse names. Think of the names of cities, for example New York, Tokyo and London are now even more common in humans names. Alternatively, you can use alcoholic beverages as inspiration. Examples of this are whiskey or daiquiri.

  • Margarita
  • Manhattan
  • Sydney
  • Gin
  • Mojito
  • Paris
  • Bramble
  • Casablanca

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