Good horse names for male and female – famous and funny ideas

good horse names for male and female

Regardless of whether you are expecting the birth of a foal or you are fulfilling your long-awaited wish to have your own horse, you have to look for a good name. The task sounds very simple at first: Finding a name for the horse cannot be difficult. After all, we hear hundreds of names every day, where can the problem of finding one be? But everyone who has ever been in the situation do so is not that simple. After a short thought, you run out of ideas for other names and you don’t really like the horse names you find. For this reason we created the website with the list of over 1000 names for male and female. Here is the link to the list of horse names from a to z for stallions and mares.

What do I have to consider when choosing a good name for my horse?

When asked whether there are rules for naming horses, one has to answer: partly yes. If you only keep your horse to yourself and do not want to take part in big competitions, you can use any name.

If, on the other hand, you take part in official competitions and you and your horse are in public, you should inform yourself more precisely. Some famose horse names are protected. If a horse achieves particular success in a competition, for example, the owners often have the rights to the name secured. Problems can arise if you call your horse that too. Be sure to find out more when you have decided on such a famous name.

There are also certain conventions when naming horses. One of them is that the name of the foal begins with the same first letter as that of the father stallion. This is done to better understand the ancestry of the horse. If you want to use this technique, our list of horse names from a to z is particularly suitable.

Some owners also incorporate parts of the name of the stallion and the mare that are the parents of the foal into its name. This has the same purpose as the first letter method. You want to be able to follow the family tree more easily.

In the end it is up to you how to name your horse. Some let the pattern or personality flow into the naming. It is also clear that gender also plays a role. A stallion does not get the same name as a horse mare.


The horse as an advertising medium

Sounds funny at first, the horse as an advertising medium. How should it work? Well, it is so that the name of the horse has a wide range in competitions. It is called up via the public address system and appears on screens, newspaper articles and all reports about the event. Practically perfect for spreading advertising.

Certainly this is not a widespread method, but it does happen again and again that a company or a sponsor is involved in choosing the name for the horse.

In order to find a company that pays money for a specific name of the horse, it must also take part in competitions. No company will pay money for the horse to be kept in private stables all year round and occasionally ridden.


Ideas for a certain breed

Wallach, Arabian, gray horse or Icelandic horse all differ in appearance and character. Many want to take this into account when choosing the name for the horse. Names that are exactly suitable for an Arab are possibly next to them for a gelding or for Icelandic horses Kompline. There are no fixed guidelines, the differences are based solely on personal preferences.


Famous horse names from films and books

There are countless films and books in which horses appear. Although these usually have a subordinate or supporting role, they still have a name. Even if we often forget the exact name after a short time, it still remains in the back of the head that you have heard a good horse name in this or that film. Here we want to bring back some of the famous horses in film history.

One of the most famous horse names from movies is Little Uncle, Pippi Longstocking’s horse. Would you still have known? It’s hard to remember the name of Pippi Longstocking’s gray horse.

The horse names are also often searched for in Karl May. Horses always play an important role in his novels. The most famous horses from the stories of Karl May are the horses of the main characters of the Winnetou Western Trilogy. Old Shatterhand’s horse is named Hatatitla and nicknamed Blitz. Winnetou’s horse is called Iltschi. These Indian horse names are difficult to pronounce for many.

In addition to Karl May and Pippi Longstocking, there are many other stories and films in which horses appear in films. Just think of the many knight films and westerns. If you are looking for horse names from films, it is advisable to simply google for the title of the film. Often you come to a website that reveals the characters with representations and often the names of the horses. The DVD covers and slips of paper can often help.


Mythological provide us with inspiration

Mythology also has some good names for horses. Just think of the Greeks. The most famous horse is probably the stallion Pegasus, the winged horse. But Greek mythology has even more horse names in store for us. Even if these did not appear directly as horses. There are centaurs, a mixture of human and horse.

In Norse mythology one finds the famous name Sleipnir, which means something like “fast runner”. The horse is one of the favorite horses of the god Odin. According to the story, the god Loki turned into a mare and sired a foal together with a stallion named Swadilfari. This then became the eight-legged horse Sleipnir.