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Everyone who gets a pet faces this question. What should the new pet be called? Probably the most difficult question when you decide to buy a four-legged friend. You can read knowledge on all topics. You will find tons of books and blogs on how to keep and care for dogs, cats, rabbits … Not difficult to do the right thing. But when it comes to finding pet names, no specialist literature or even the best YouTube video will help you. You have to decide for yourself. To make this a little easier for you and to give you some inspiration, we have created this website. Here you can find over 1000 possible animal names. There is sure to be something for your pet too.


Tips on finding names for your pet

Here you will find helpful tips and instructions for each species of animal on how to find ideas and inspiration when searching for pet names. There is also a lot of useful information on how you can ultimately find the perfect pet name for your pet and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

süße und ausgefallene Katzennamen für männliche und weibliche Katzen

Cat Names



männliche und weibliche Hundenamen

Dog Names


Pferdenamen für Hengst und Stute

Horse Names


The list of names for your pet

Make sure to check out our list of pet names. There you will find over 1000 alphabetically sorted cute animal names. Finding a suitable name will be child’s play for you.


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