Bearded dragons – find names for male and female animals!

Male ande Female names for bearded dragons

If you want to buy bearded dragons, you have to take care of a lot. A terrarium has to be purchased, equipment for the terrarium has to be selected, the right food has to be selected and many other things have to be clarified so that the animals feel comfortable.

Last but not least, the animals have to be procured themselves. This leads to the problem with which we want to deal here. How do you find beautiful bearded dragons names?

Since bearded dragons do not necessarily have to be kept in groups compared to many other animals, at least the problem that one needs several bearded dragons names does not apply. Still, it doesn’t make the task easy,

That is why we are giving you some suggestions for suitable bearded dragons names for male and female animals.


Where can I find ideas for matching Bearded Dragons names?

Since bearded dragons are more exotic, somewhat unusual pets, a name that is somewhat unusual may also be suitable. You can find inspiration for such names in fantasy series and films, for example. Books in these genres can also be good sources of inspiration.

Another way to get names for bearded dragons is through pet magazines and television shows. Blogs on the Internet that explicitly deal with the subject of reptile husbandry can also be a good place to go to look for suitable ideas.


Male animal ideas

If you can’t think of anything, here are some ideas for you. Our male bearded dragons names may also serve as inspiration for your own ideas.

  • Ares
  • Dave
  • Pablo
  • Spike
  • Orson
  • Milo
  • Kimba
  • Logan
  • Dodo
  • Riley
  • Poe
  • Sid
  • Mooch
  • Scrat


Suggestions for female animals

Of course we have also collected some ideas for female bearded dragons names. Here are our suggestions:

  • Buffy
  • Aragog
  • Geena
  • ChiChi
  • Vivi
  • Ora
  • Lux
  • Izzy
  • Talula
  • Toska
  • Lucy
  • Xena
  • Amira
  • Irelia
  • Zoey

In the event that none of this helps you, we can still offer you our list of animal names. Even if not all names there are suitable for bearded dragons, there should be one or the other suitable among them with over 1000 names.