Discover 15 popular horse names – our favorites!

How to find popular horse names

There are also very popular names for horses that have always been associated with the species. That is why they are very popular. Whether it is the best is a matter of taste. In spite of that, we want to introduce you to our 15 favorites of the popular horse names for male and female and hopefully help you with the name search for your animal.


Why are these names inseparable from the species?

This question cannot be answered that easily. One reason may be that you have inevitably come across these names several times due to the proximity to horse fans. Since these names are very popular, as said, many will already know a horse of friends or acquaintances with such a name.

Another possibility is that we were imprinted on it from films and television programs in which the animals and their corresponding horse names appear. Everyone knows at least one film or series that mainly deals with horses. It goes without saying that the names of the characters appearing in it develop into particularly popular horse names if you keep hearing them in connection with the animals over several years.


Are popular horse names always the best?

You have to answer this question for yourself. You have to be aware that popular horse names are very common. So you shouldn’t be surprised later if you know 5 other horses that have the same name as yours. If you don’t like this idea at all, these names are definitely not the best choice for you.


Popular horse names for stallion and mare – Our top 15

  • Amadeus – male
  • Sabrina – female
  • Bonnie – female
  • Bella – female
  • Dancer- male
  • Jack – male
  • Anastasia – female
  • Princess – female
  • Amigo – male
  • Daisy – male
  • Alfonso(Alf) – male
  • Beauty – female
  • Angel – female
  • Gina – female
  • Eagle – male


Shouldn’t it be one of the popular names? Then take a look at our list of animal names. With over 1000 different names, you are sure to find the best horse name for your animal.