How to find good turtle names easily – for boy and girl!

Find good turtle names for boy and girl

Many animal lovers do their research on the Internet before making a purchase and look for various animal names. Not many websites list turtle names. There are no special names for turtles – but there are a number of names that keepers like to use. Since these pets, like others, are part of our lives, we have always given our four-legged friends their own name.


Good turtle names

A survey showed that Littlefoot, Speedy, Pancake, Fred, Sammy or Turty are often used as turtle names. Many names also have certain character traits as a background and can be assigned on the basis of these.

Tarzan and Benno stand for the brakes on fun, Picasso and Orpheus, for example, are more reserved for turtles. A joker, on the other hand, is often called “Rambo”. Inquisitive people like to name Amadeus or Manni as the turtle’s name.
Independent turtles deserve names such as Lady, Finya, Phönix, Kuba, Izzy or Dino.

Here on the website you will find a huge selection of good turtle names for boy and girl on our list of over 1000 names.



What to pay attention to?

It is also advisable to search for gender-specific names. Boy, girl and even unisex turtle names can be found. You can also find very unusual turtle names – for example “Broccoli” or even “Aunt Klaus”.

Turtle names can also be searched for by initial letters, if you do not know what name to give your pet but you know which letter it should begin with.


How do I find ideas?

Many good turtle names are based on famous cartoons and their turtle characters as well as on films in which the animals appear. The most famous cartoon is “Ninja Turtles” with the main characters Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. The name Leonardo is based on the sculptor Leonardo DaVinci- the turtle was assigned a rather calm character, which can also affect the turtle name of the seeker. Donatello is based on the well-known sculptor Donato di Niccoló di Betto Bardi, who made the statue “The Penitent Magdalena”. Raphael is named after the painter Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino – his character is said to be daring. And last but not least – Michelangelo. The world-famous painter and sculptor gave the turtle his name. This figure is said to have a happy, lively character.

Crush from “Finding Nemo” is the extremely relaxed turtle who has a calm, relaxed and cool character in the film. This can also be used as an inspiration for the turtle name. Another well-known cartoon from which one can get inspiration is “Off through the hedge”, in which the well-known turtle Verne plays a part. “Kassiopeia” is the well-known, future-looking turtle from the movie “Momo”.

In addition to films and cartoons, you can also look for ideas for names in various forums dealing with animals or even special turtle forums. There are many members there who are always available and can also help with finding a name.

Can I find ideas in other ways?

You can also get inspiration from famous turtles easily: Harriet was the oldest animal in the world at 175 years old – until she died in 2006. Another well-known turtle is “Timothy the Tortoise”, who was considered the British military mascot and was 160 years old.

If you are connected to religion or literature, you can also use turtle names from Buddhist or Greek mythology. For example, one can use the name “Kurma”, which was assigned to the Hindu god Vishnu. In Greek mythology there is “Chelone” she was considered a virgin who was turned into a four-legged friend as a punishment. Animal lovers often look to look up names in children’s books too.