Cat names! – Discover our favorite ideas for male and female.

cat names for male and female

This question torments many who want to buy a housewife. What should the new family member be called? Everyone who has ever been in the situation will agree with us. After all, the choice of name is also an important decision. The animal will carry him for the rest of his life. And of course you will still have to like this cat name in a few years. No wonder that this decision is very difficult for many. But beautiful, cute and fancy cat names don’t fall from the sky. Therefore we want to help you with this page, no matter if you are looking for a female or male cat name.


Much want unusual cat names such as Egyptian. But also cute and beautiful cat names are often searched for. That depends entirely on personal preferences. After all, it’s your pet and you have to like the name. Often, however, new pet owners lack the ideas for suitable cat names. Therefore, here are our tips to be inspired and to name the room winner correctly. It’s best to go through all the steps and make a list of cute cat names.

  • Nora
  • Kim
  • Bommel
  • Gauner
  • Panda
  • Molly
  • Tatze
  • Django
  • Alwin
  • Grisu
  • Aika
  • Nepomuk
  • Pfötchen
  • Skipper
  • Tommy
  • Streuner
  • Merlin
  • Knöpfchen


Our tips for fancy inspiration

films and series

One possibility is to be inspired by films and series. How about the name of the favorite character from a television series? Just think of the most popular series. Whether in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or The Walking Dead, countless characters appear in all films and series. Each of them has a name. Perfect to get inspired. Recall the last few films you saw. Were there any that you particularly liked? Which would make a beautiful cat name? I’m sure you can think of a few. Often many creative people and authors work on films. This makes for particularly unusual cat names.


Our list of the most beautiful cat names

To make it particularly easy for you, we’ve put together a large list of the most beautiful cat names. Sorted alphabetically you will find many unusual cat names for your velvet door. Whether you’re looking for a male or female cat name, you’re guaranteed to find it here. You can find the list here:


Novels and books to find male and female names

For people who like to read, ideas for beautiful cat names can also be found in books. Going to the bookshelf at home often helps. Look again at the cover of the novels you read recently and try to remember the characters. Some books also have a directory listing the people involved. Maybe there is something there. Of course you have it easier if you already know whether you are looking for a male or female cat name. A recommendation for books that contain many cat names is the Warrior Cats series.


Pet shows on TV

Still not found anything? Not bad, maybe the next tip will help. Since you have got yourself a new pet, you have to inform yourself about the attitude without any problem. Watch the appropriate programs on television. Pet owners are often interviewed there and you will learn a lot about what you need to know about keeping. Be particularly careful when people introduce their animals. This is how you can find out the most beautiful cat names for male and cat girls.


Sort out the list

Often all the inspiration leads to the next problem. Now you have too many names to like. Well, because you already know whether you are looking for a male or female cat name, half of them are omitted. But how should it go on, how should one commit oneself?

Our tip is to make a list. Write down all the possibilities you found among each other. So you first have an overview. Next, you start by sorting out the list.

Then look at this list of the most beautiful cat names for you over and over again over several days. You will find that some of you no longer like and fall away all by yourself.

Say or call the names out loud, after all, you will want to attract your cat with it later. Some supposedly beautiful cat names sound downright weird, no matter how good they look when written.

Even so, more and more fancy cat names will disappear from your list. If you only have a few names left on the slip, you can also wait until you hold your roommate in your hands. Only then can you say which cat name suits him particularly well.

There are websites on the Internet where you can find out the meaning of a cat name. Check out the remaining items on your list. Perhaps one of your favorite cat names has a nice meaning. Of course, a deeper meaning is not important.

It can also help to chat with friends or family about the topic. Surely you have someone who can help you choose. But always remember that you, and your velvet paw, must like the cat name in the end.

It’s still a tough decision in the end, but we hope we could help you a little.


Does the cat even care what his name is?

Anyone who has ever lived with a house cat quickly suspects that they do not listen on the cat name, no matter how beautiful it is. Of course, often the cat doesn’t even flinch when you call or look disinterested in the other direction. In contrast to dogs, house cats usually do not come immediately when you call them. But that’s because of their personality. The cat comes when it wants and not just because someone calls out its cat name.

Japanese scientists were recently able to confirm that the four-legged friends know their name very well and can react to it. In the cat cafes that are so popular in Japan, the velvet paws are kept in groups. You could therefore check whether the right housewife reacts to the cat name. Incidentally, it does not matter whether the owner or a stranger calls.


Famous ideas from movies

Often the cats from popular films come to mind, but since they often do not play a leading role, one often no longer knows the cat name. A good example of this is Gargamel’s cat. Yes, most of them still know that the villain from the Smurfs had a roommate. Some of them will also have a picture. But what was the cat name that Gargamel gave to his companion? You probably forgot it too. So now for the solution: Gargamel cat is called Azrael. Actually a nice fancy cat name.

Another example of this is the Harry Potter universe. There are several velvet paws here, and most of us have forgotten their cat names. For one, there’s the Hermione’s cat. Your pet in the first few parts of the films. Hermione’s cat is called Crookshanks. There is also the loyal companion of the bad-tempered caretaker Argus Filch. His cat is called Mrs. Norris.

There is another cat in film history, whose cat name we will probably all know. Due to the peculiarities of this particular montage-hating fur nose, it will probably not be one of the most beautiful cat names. Garfield is meant, of course. Who would forget the cat name of this red-orange tabby, somewhat chubby cat?