Discover 25 cute horse names – male and female

cute horse names for male and female

Choosing a name for a loved one is an incredibly difficult decision. Just finding suitable ideas can quickly turn out to be problematic. To make things a little easier for you, here are 25 particularly cute horse names.

We also have an alphabetically sorted list with many names for you.


Cute horse names – our favorites

Here you can discover horse names for stallions and mare. Try to write down all the names that you particularly like on a piece of paper. So you can first collect all the options and only decide later.

  • Olivia – female
  • Maike – male
  • Finley- male
  • Kalle- male
  • Rolly – male
  • Gaia – female
  • Pavel – male
  • Bandit – male
  • Zelia – female
  • Dave – male
  • Uli – male
  • Odelia – female
  • Earl – male
  • Gisela – female
  • Mandy – female
  • Karli – male
  • Eddy – male
  • Farrell – male
  • Garry – male
  • Palmira – female
  • Balu – male
  • Kiki – female
  • Zalina – female
  • Rommy – female
  • Filus – male


Cute Ideas from movies and books

Think about the films and books that you enjoyed watching as a child. Often times, particularly cute names appear in the cartoons and animated films. If you think about it a bit longer, you will probably finde some that are also good as cute horse names. The same goes for books, of course. These can also be a good source of inspiration. At the same time, this is a good opportunity to dig up the old books again and to renew childhood memories.


Hopefully we could help and you found lots of cute horse names you like. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, we recommend that you take a look at our specially compiled list with over 1000 different animal names. Even if not every name on it is particularly suitable for a horse, with this mass of names there is definitely one or the other cute horse name that you like.