20 female dog names with meaning

Discover 20 female dog names with meaning

A good way to stand out from the crowd and not give your bitch a boring standard name is to choose female dog names with meaning. This meaning can refer specifically to character, preferences, behavior or color. Special events in the life of the young female dog can also be the inspiration for a wonderful dog name.

Indian dog names especially often have a deeper meaning


List of female dog names with meanings

Ricarda – bold, powerful

This female dog name comes from the Italian. It is also often spelled Richarda.


Jaslen – The respected

Originally comes from Indian.


Pia – righteous, pious

Pia is the feminine form of the name Pius. Both come from the Latin. They stand for particularly conscientious and exemplary behavior.


Tahera – The virtuous

The meaning and the dog name come from the Pakistani language. Tahera stands for a pure and virtuous woman or bitch.


Baila – the dancer

The dog name and its meaning come from Spanish


Mona – the noble one

The origin has nothing to do with the famous painting “Mona Lisa”, but originally comes from the English and has Irish roots.


Minka – protection

Minka is a short form of Wilhelmine. This in turn is the feminine form of Wilhelm. The division of the name Wilhelm into “will” and “helmet” also explains the meaning of protection.


Luna – moon

Luna is Latin for moon and was also the name of the moon goddess from Greek mythology.


Kati – the pure one

This dog name comes from German. It is a short form of Katherina, which in turn comes from the Greek and has its meaning from there.


Palita – The Protected

The name Palita comes from the Asian region, more precisely India and Thailand. It means the guarded or the protected.


Laima – the lucky one

This name comes from Latvian and Lithuanian.


Hannah – the gifted

A dog name from Hebrew that is often spelled Hanna. Both are a short form of Johanne which in turn is the feminine form of Johannes.


Felicitas – happiness, fertility

A name derived from Latin.


Victoria – the victory

This meaning is probably derived from the Roman goddess of victory Victoria.


Emilie – rival, competitor

The name Aemilia is originally written. It is the feminine form of the name Aemilius and indicated the origin “from the Aemilians”.


Deliah – the one with the flowing hair

Also comes from Greek mythology. Deliah was the middle name of the goddess Artemis.


Bianca – the white one

The meaning is derived from the Italian word for white “bianco”.


Bella – the beautiful

Because Bello is a popular dog name, Bella is also very popular. It comes from Italian and is an abbreviation of names ending in -bella such as Isabella.


Anna – gracefulness, charmingly

Anna comes from Hebrew and is derived from the name Hannah.


Labiba – Reasonable, Smart

Dog name derived from Arabic.



Where do the meanings come from?

A meaning can of course have a wide variety of origins. Often it is simply derived from a color. But it can also make sense on the basis of a famous person who has achieved something special or to whom a certain peculiarity is attributed.

Many meanings also come from religion. For example, the Bible contains a variety of names that have meanings. Many meanings also come from Greek mythology, gods and religions.

Also because of foreign and ancient languages, there are many names that have a meaning. Many dog names with meaning can be taken from Hebrew or Persian.

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