50 native American dog names with meaning – male and female

native american dog names for male and female

With native Americans one associates freedom, adventure, living in the wilderness but also spirituality. It is thanks to the closeness to nature and the beliefs of the Native Americans that their names often have a strong meaning. More and more people want native Americans dog names with meaning for their faithful companion. Reason enough for us to introduce a few.

Native American male dog names

  • Akecheto – fighter
  • Micanopy – top leader
  • Wapi – happy
  • Texas friend
  • Desly – that’s how he is
  • Chitto – brave
  • Tonweya – the scout
  • Ohitekah – brave
  • Heyoka – clown
  • Kowi – forest dwellers
  • Inyan – rock
  • Kenai – black bear
  • Lakota – friend
  • Tayta – father
  • Yakari – who speaks to the animals


Native American female dog names

  • ona – female bear
  • Sikari.- the sweet
  • Chepi – fairy or elf
  • Huyana – falling rain
  • Pahaska – long hair
  • Atsila – fire
  • Mitena – Born under the full moon
  • Ananda – happiness
  • Yoki – rain
  • Yoomee – star
  • Pauwau – witch
  • Namida – the one who weeps
  • Anevay – the thoughtful
  • Kajika – runs noiselessly
  • Majara – the white one


Special names from the native Americans

The name Pocahontas is a female native American name. He became known through the Disney film Pocahontas. Due to its beautiful meaning “the playful one” it is suitable for many female dogs. The name Aleshanee “she who always plays” has a similar meaning.

Often an Indian dog name with meaning wolf is specifically searched for.

  • Kuckunniwi – little wolf
  • Honiahaka – little wolf
  • Hemene – wolf
  • Nashoba – wolf
  • Ma’ee – wolf
  • Kiyiya – howling wolf
  • Mingan – gray wolf
  • Mockery of kaiyohos – defending wolf


The meaning of native American dog names can also refer to the dog’s appearance.

  • avaki (male) – black
  • Pahaska (female – longhair
  • Glilahi (female) – pretty
  • Hotah (male) – white
  • Izusa (female) – white star
  • Matoskah (male) – white bear
  • Kasa (female) – clad in fur
  • Luta (female) – red
  • Meoquanee (female) – wears red
  • Sahkyo (male) – mink colored
  • Sikari (female) – cute
  • Zaltana (female) – high mountain


Meanings and their origin

That every native American name has a meaning that is tailored to the person comes from the traditions of the indigenous people. It was custom that children up to the age of 3 were simply called “Papoose”. They were then named in a grand ceremony by the tribe’s medicine man. Usually the name was chosen because of an act of the child, a peculiarity or a special event in the life of the young native American. Not infrequently animals also played a role in the naming.

Of course, you don’t have to let 3 years pass before you give your dog or bitch a name. To observe the animal for a few days to get to know its peculiarities and character before choosing the dog name can do no harm. This ensures that the native American name also has a meaning that fits your new pet.

Native American names like “little bear” and “big eagle” are known from films. This shows how the medicine men come up with the names. The name part “bear” can be chosen for a child who was particularly strong.

Of course, the Native Americans didn’t speak Englisch. Their names were chosen in the language and dialect of the tribe. This also makes our sought-after meaningful dog name an exotic name. This is precisely why a native American name should be so popular with many.

Nothing in it yet? Don’t worry, after all there are more, not native American, dog names that can also have a great meaning. Take a look at our list of over 1000 animal names.