Cow names for boy and girl – good cute and funny ideas

find good cute and funny cow names for male and female

Farmers looking for a good cow name face the same problem as many pet owners. Finding a suitable name is often not that easy. Farmers have a particularly difficult time here, as they usually don’t just keep one cow, but many. Accordingly, a lot of names are needed. With this website we want to help all those who are looking for a name for a cow. We clarify what you need to know about naming cows. For those who are in a hurry, here is the link to the list of names.


Does the cow even need one?

Most farmers don’t have just one cow. It is not uncommon for several hundred animals to be kept. Understandable that the question arises whether it is even necessary to give each cow a name.

It is usually not necessary. A cow is rarely called by name and expected to come like a dog. But many prefer to give cow names anyway. In a certain way that is more personal and the cow counts more than living beings and is not just a profitable number in a company.

Having a cute name for each cow creates a personal relationship with the cow. Over time, you know their properties, know them and can distinguish them from others. Whether addressing the cow with the name is questionable.

Of course you also have to understand that after a certain number of animals it is simply no longer possible to give every cow a name. In most large farms, the animals usually only have one number.

In many areas it is also easy for traditional reasons that each cow is given a name. In Bavaria, for example. A very large number of Bavarian cows have a name. This is simply a tradition that has spread from the small farmers on the alpine pastures to the large farms.


Are there guidelines?

In many countries there is no obligation to name the cows. You just have to be able to recognize and differentiate between them. Since this is also possible using numbers or electronic chips, more and more cow owners are giving up giving each one a name. Obviously there are no real guidelines.

Over time, however, certain naming procedures have emerged. Many farmers want to know the individual cow families apart at first glance. That’s why you came up with a certain system.

Each cow in the same cow family is given a name with the same first letter. The advantage is obvious. For example, you have a cow family A with the names Abby, Adele and Adelheid and a cow family B with the names Berta, Babsi and Berbel in the stable. Everyone can tell at a glance which family the cow belongs to.

This technique makes it very easy to keep track of ancestry. This is very important to most farmers, as the calves often display the same behaviors and characteristics as their mothers.

On some farms there is also a tradition of naming cows after family members and friends. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this suits you. Ultimately, it remains a decision that you have to make and where you have to listen to your own preferences.


What are good cow names?

The most popular cow names have remained relatively constant in the past. One name has been in the top 3 for the past 100 years. It’s Alma. Before 1981 this was always number one. After that he was replaced by the cow name Susi. Another name that often appears in the top lists is Berta. So you can say that the most popular cow names have been Alma, Susi and Berta for the last 100 years.

Not quite as often, but noticeably often, names like Lotte, Laura, Lore and Heidi appear. Closely followed by Olga, Dora, Gerda, Paula and Rita. In contrast, cute names like Lisa, Bella and Paula have only been part of the group for a few years.

If you choose a name from the list of the most popular, you can assume that there are already several thousand cows with this name in the stables. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this suits you or whether you prefer to continue looking for beautiful, cute or funny cow names.

Another frequently used cow name is likely to be that of the main characters of the 2004 animated film “The cows are going”. These names are especially popular with children. Of course, the children can also help choose the name for the cow. The cows from the movie are called Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace.


How do I find more?

Have you checked out our list of names yet? There you will find many other cute and funny cow names in addition to the most popular ones. If you are not happy with the standard names, you will find possible alternatives there. Our list is also sorted alphabetically. This makes it especially easy if you want to use the technique described above with the first letters of the names of the cows. Finding cute cow names for whole families is really easy.