Good unique dog names for male and female – our ideas

find good and unique dog names for male and female

Finding a good and unique dog ​​name is not easy. This is a known problem. Especially in the beginning you have enough to worry about anyway. Everything has to be set up for the animal, food has to be purchased and the apartment has to be made safe for puppies, regardless of whether male or female dogs. Training shouldn’t be neglected either.

There is hardly any time to come up with good dog names. Besides, it’s not that easy, even if you find the time. Finding a dog name always sounds so easy, but once you’ve been in the situation yourself, you know how difficult it actually is. The animal will hopefully bear the dog’s name for many years, so you have to be sure that you will still like the dog’s name in a few years. To make this difficult task a little easier for you, we have created this website. Here is a list of the coolest and most out of the ordinary dog ​​names for both male and female dogs:

  • Gina
  • Balou
  • Kim
  • Lilly
  • Aiko
  • Hektor
  • Hasko
  • Cleo
  • Nero
  • Karlo
  • Pluto
  • Aslan
  • Brutus
  • Coco
  • Harro
  • Lola
  • Pauli
  • Simba


Our tips for inspiration

Our recommendation is to collect lots of dog names first and then sort them out. Take a pad and make a list. Write down all the names you can think of and note each other. Those who do not yet know whether they are looking for a male or female dog name simply take a second pad and make another list. When you have prepared that, you can start to find ideas.

Find good dog names easily

Before you rack your head, take a look through our list of good and unique dog names. There we have practically done the work for you and listed many cool and above all extraordinary dog names. Look through the list from cover to cover and write down all the dog names you like on your list.


Films, series and books provide us inspiration

Still not found enough unique dog names? Give it a try in entertainment media. In films, series and books there are many characters and also dogs that all have a name. Also keep the nicknames in mind. You can also get your old comics out of the closet. You can find lots of funny dog names there. But a cool dog name can also be found here very well. Who has a more extraordinary name than the coolest superhero from childhood?


Pet shows on tv and pet magazines

No matter if your puppy is female or male, you can also try to find ideas for cool dog names in pet magazines or pet broadcasts. Animal owners are often interviewed there and present their animals. Pay close attention to the dog names, if something is there, put it on the list. A positive side effect is that you can also learn something about animal husbandry and get some training tips.


Finding dog names in everyday life

You can also find good ideas in everyday life. We clash with countless people every day. Be it on the phone, out shopping or in a meeting at work. Everyone has a name. You may find one that belongs on your list. Also think of short forms and variations of people’s names. An example of this is the dog name Theodor, you may not like this for your dog but how about Theo. Sounds more appropriate. Go a little more attentively through everyday life and you will surely find some good candidates.


Sort out the list

So now, ideally, you have a piece of paper with many possible dog names in your hand. But how do you decide now for the one name. The best thing to do is to start by sorting out the list. You can now find out what you can pay attention to.

If you already know whether you will have a male or a female puppy, you can save yourself a lot of work, after all, half of the names are omitted from the start. If you don’t know yet, that doesn’t matter. Just make two separate lists for males and dog for girls.

Also, be careful when choosing funny dog ​​names. Apparently funny dog ​​names are often very amusing at first, but after a few months and years they often seem silly. This category also includes many of the coolest dog names. Always remember that you want to call your animal in the park without being ashamed of yourself.

It is similar with very unique dog names. The classics are names in foreign languages. These tendons often look very nice written and have a wonderful meaning in the respective national language. Usually, however, they can hardly be pronounced for a German-speaking person. Think of the park here too. When you call your dog, it is not helpful if you only pronounce his dog’s name correctly on the third try.

If you read the list several times over several days, we will make it smaller by itself. Every time you read it, you will notice some dog names that sounded good at first, but are not so suitable. Delete this right away.

The list should have shrunk a bit by now. If you have a family or a partner, you can also vote. According to the example everyone has three votes and is allowed to distribute them to the other dog names, it is very easy to include all of them in the decision. Even if you do not come to a clear decision, you will still find out which dog names no one particularly likes.

By the end of the day, your list of dog names should be reduced to a few entries. Now it’s up to you. It’s still your personal choice. Nobody can and should not take this away from you. Of course, the final decision is still difficult. But if you have followed our steps, you will only have dog names on the slip that you like at least somewhat. No matter which one you ultimately choose, you will be happy later.


Why is the name important?

In contrast to cats, the name is much more important with dogs. Especially with large dogs, you have to rely on the animal to listen to you. One of the first things a dog needs to learn is to respond to its name. If you say the dog’s name, the animal will look at you and respond better to further orders. Of course, you have to get the puppy used to the dog’s name first. On the one hand, this happens automatically over time. If you always address him by his dog name, he will eventually learn that he is meant by it. There are certainly still ways to accelerate this process. Just ask about this at your dog school. Someone there can certainly help you.